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Business Lockout SOS

In general, experiencing a lockout, whether it’s being locked out of a home or a car, is no fun. A business lockout is an entirely different case.It is slightly amusing and terrifying, all at the same time. Though it can happen to anyone, just like a house lockout, it’s always […]

Jammed door

Keypad lock

Commercial Locks – Recommendations

Any business owner wants his or her facility to be safe, but more often than not – there is a lack of knowledge regarding what makes the place safe. Many have turned to utilizing what is known as “commercial locks”, which offer the highest level of security and durability. These […]

Locksmith Glossary

A: Availability – 24 hours a day! Our technicians have you covered 24/7, no matter what type of service is needed or where the customer is located at the moment! B: Brands – we cooperate with the most reliable brands of locks. Being a large nationwide company that uses thousands […]

Ignition repair

Ignition replacement – how to do it right?

When a vehicle becomes difficult to start, it may be due to various reason, the most common being a faulty ignition. In such case, an ignition replacement may be the solution to get it going once again. The ignition in each make of vehicle may be slightly different, so it’s […]

Lock change – how to do it?

Safety comes first, and sometimes it’s necessary to change a lock in order to achieve it. If a key gets lost but the old lock still works fine, it’s enough to use a lock rekeying service. However, even the most reliable locks can wear out during the years and might […]

How to change a deadbolt lock

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

Amazing Tree Houses – Not Just for Kids

Tree houses are generally considered a “dream idea” for kids; a secret hide-away place, where parents cannot disturb. Nowadays, adults marvel at those ideas too. In some countries, people view tree houses as exotic havens for relaxation, while in other parts of the world – it’s just a part of […]

7 of the Weirdest Houses Around The World

One of the most exciting things in life is moving into and setting up your own home. From ancient times and until today, people have passed through cave design houses, huts, castles and flats. Some people are limited by their resources, turning what they can afford into something remarkably unique; […]

Smallest House

Types of car keys

Types of Car Keys Used on Old and Modern Vehicles

The importance of a car key isn’t something that is highly valued by many drivers. Once the car is parked, the key is tossed aside until it’s time to move again. Despite being underrated, car keys are something we can’t do without. As such, technology has advanced in making it […]

Recommended High Security Locks

High security locks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for installation amongst home and business owners alike. While many locks are marketed as “high security locks”, only those with an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) rating of “Grade 1” can claim that title. This is the highest level rating that […]

Recommended lock manufacturers

Transponder key services

How to Program a Transponder Key (Myths Dispelled)

Transponder keys give an added level of security to a vehicle. In addition to the metal key, there is a transponder chip embedded in the key. While the regular key may turn the ignition, the transponder chip must be close enough to the Drive Away Protection Module in the vehicle, […]