Why is it so Important to Avoid House Lockout Issues

You walk out the door to take out the trash and just as the wind slams your door shut with a loud WHAM, you don’t remember if you left the door unlocked.

Quickly, you jiggle the knob and you find out that yes, you indeed have locked the door and need a solution for a house lockout situation.

Not a big deal, until several pictures run through your head, about why it’s important to avoid being locked out of your house.

The House Could Burn Down

The stove is still on while your are looking for a solution for the house lockout issue. A grease fire starts causing the cookbook beside the stove to light on fire, along with the rest of the kitchen.

There is a fire in the fireplace. It begins to spark and hits the curtains. Your hair straightener is on, in the bathroom.

It overheats and begins melting the laminate counter-top of the bathroom vanity.

Locksmith services and tips to avoid your house burndown

House lockout is a serious danger

There are Kids Inside

House lockout issues always happen at the very inconvenient moments. For example – if the baby should be waking up from his nap soon. He will cry until he gets his bottle.

Your two year old found a permanent marker and is now drawing shapes on the couch, the wall and the floor.

Your four year old finds your cellphone and makes a $100 phone call to China, trying to talk to Elsa from the movie “Frozen”.

While a house lockout situation does not necessarily endanger their lives, there are still a plethora of issues that the kids might cause when they are left unattended, so the important of finding a fast solution to the house lockout situation simply cannot be overestimated.

The Pets Are Alone

  • The dog that is always crated when left alone is now scratching at the door, wanting to go outside, to do his business. He will soon pollute everything around, if the owner doesn’t call a residential locksmith, who can provide an emergency house lockout service.
  • The other dog is eating the food you already put out on the dining room table… Sounds horrible? An what if one of the dishes includes the bone-in chicken that a dog might choke on?
Locksmith for locked pets

A pet locked inside the house

And What if you Work from Home?

It’s not uncommon nowadays that some professionals (such as graphic designers, translators, artists and others) work from home.

Nothing can beat the comfort of sitting in from of the computer wearing your underwear, drinking the morning coffee and have a conversation with a customer over the phone.

And then the postman brings the mail, or a neighbor’s friend knocks on the door by mistake. The next thing you do is asking the customer to hold on for a minute, walk to the door, open it, go out and hear that loud WHAN behind your back. Isn’t that a bummer?

The customer will find it quite disrespectful to be forced to wait what seems like a lifetime. The deal might get canceled in the future, neither the neighbor nor his friend will be able to help you, even if they want to.

The stuff delivered by the postman will probably not be worth getting stuck in this embarrassing situation, either, especially if there is nothing on you but your underwear at the moment of a house lockout.

House lockout

Typical house lockout situation

Last but not least, if you don’t have your cell phone on you, it won’t even be easy to find a way to contact a locksmith company, even if doing so is the first idea that comes to your mind.

So yes, house lockout can be quite a big deal for those who never have to go out for work. The recommended solution for such people is to use locks that have a handle on the outside, which allows them to open the door without using a key.

If you are at home most of the day anyway, it’s fair to say that the house is safe most of the time. Installation of such type of lock will reduce the possibility of a house lockout to zero per cent, so you will never have to worry about finding yourself unable to get into your own home, when an important customer is waiting on the line.

In Conclusion

Do yourself a favor – avoid all of the aforementioned scenarios and make sure that you have a key (or a lock that can be opened without it) every time, before walking out.

Just the same way as a house lockout could occur any moment, there is also a high probability that something or someone inside the locked house will cause extra mess, or do something dangerous.