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Transponder key services

Transponder key

Locksmith Services provides emergency key replacement services nationwide, 24 hours a day. We will get to you in just 20 minutes!

Transponder keys are used to open car doors and star the ignition. These devices have become popular worldwide, and once programmed, only a transponder key can be used to start a vehicle.

You can have your transponder key replaced if it’s disabled or lost. Our experienced car locksmith specialists will do it for you anytime, no matter where your car is located!

Transponder key replacement

Transponder key replacement service

Why Choose Locksmith Services?

Our qualified locksmiths are trained to duplicate most transponder keys, even those of the latest model vehicles. They carry the latest equipment, in addition to attending weekly workshops to keep up with technological advances.

Here’s what to expect when you choose us:

  • We offer on-side services and come fully prepared with all the necessary tools.
  • We will troubleshoot your key if it isn’t working by plugging our state-of-the art tools into your car’s computer.
  • If your chip key is lost or stolen, we can create a duplicate key and create a new code. This will ensure that the lost one will no longer work.
  • We offer a free 90-day guarantee with all services.

If you need your key duplicated or if you’re locked out of your car, call us.

What is a transponder key

What is a transponder key?

What is a Transponder Key?

The transponder key (chip) is radio transmitter inside your vehicle that sends signals to the internal computer, telling it that the key is in the ignition; in other words, the chip basically tells the car that it’s the right key is in the ignition. There many kinds of transponder keys and each one is programmed differently, depending on the type of car.

Chip keys protect your vehicle from theft. Even if someone tries hotwiring, it won’t work—without the chip, the car will not start.

If your transponder key stops working or if you’d like a duplicate car key along with the chip, you our nearest qualified locksmith will do the job for you immediately, sparing you various expenses (such as towing) and lots of time.

Need a transponder key?

Need a transponder key?

All Your Needs are Covered!

Our professional locksmiths can replace your lost or stolen chip key. Theyt can also repair one that’s malfunctioning by programming it; and if you need a duplicate, that can be done as well. Our car locksmiths have all the right tools, up-to-date software, and expertise to program and replace your transponder key.

Many people believe that they cannot use a locksmith to replace their chip key if something happens. In fact, they are even told by their car companies that only car dealers can replace their transponder key. That’s certainly not true. A qualified locksmith can duplicate many different types of chip keys. It’s faster and cheaper than taking the car to a dealership.

Take note such terms as “professional locksmith” and “qualified locksmith” are used throughout the text. That’s because not everyone can replace a transponder key. There are some technicians who pretend to know the job, so you better only let a real specialist do the job.

Auto locksmith techniciansCar

Our car locksmith techs

Qualified, Certified & Experienced Car Locksmiths

Our company hires qualified locksmiths, who are certified and experienced. We will gladly spare you the hassle of dealing with amateurs. You’ll also get a free 90-day guarantee to go with the service.

Like your home, the security of your vehicle is very important. Your need to invest whatever resources that’s necessary in order to install proper security measures for your vehicle. A transponder key is one of the best security measures you can use to protect your car.

When it comes to vehicles that are equipped with a Transponder system, only you can start your car—there’s no way a thief can start your car’s engine. Even if the criminal manages to get inside the vehicles somehow, he won’t be able to move any further without the original key.

Having a transponder key is good, however, it’s recommended to have a spare and get it programmed should in case you mistakenly misplace the original. It’s best to be on the safe side.

As one of the leading car locksmith services providers, we can help you anytime you find yourself in trouble.

We offer fast, reliable and affordable Transponder key replacement services and our locksmiths are certified, licensed and bonded.

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