Price List

We offer a $19 Service call fee in order to cover travel expenses for mobile on-site service.

Lock Change

$25 *

Lock Rekey

$19 *

Car Lockout

$25 *

Locked out of house?

$25 *

Car Key Replacement

$90 *

Transponder Key

$119 *

Mail Box Change / Lockout

$35 *

File Cabinet Change / Lockout

$35 *

Fresh Lock Installation

$45 *

Car Key Extraction

$75 *

*The quotes above are the minimum. The rate might increase, depending on the relevant type of lock, key, ignition etc. and the level of the work’s complexity.

Important Note: The total price will be $19 service call fee + labor cost + new parts (if used). Our dispatchers can provide only a rough estimate, based on your description. If there is an additional complication on-site, the price could increase.

The Benefits of Low Locksmith Rates

The two most popular situations when one might need the services of a locksmith are car/house lockout, and the need of a brand new car key made.

So, how much does a locksmith service cost? Usually, the rates depend on the locksmith that is contacted, the time of day or night, and how the difficult the job is. Knowing locksmith rates in advance will help you get the desired service at the best possible price.

When you choose to call Locksmith Services, you can rest assured that you won’t be charged any extra payment for services provided on holidays, weekends and night hours. We want our customers to get their problems solved fast and effectively, hence we have done everything possible to motivate you to contact us immediately and not postpone the service.

How much does a locksmith cost

Low locksmith rates

Low Locksmith Rates and How They Can Benefit you

As houses and commercial buildings are being constructed, the services of a locksmith keep growing. In view of that, the competition keeps getting tougher, but then again this proves good for customers and locksmith companies. How so? The intense competition between locksmith companies means lower rates and higher quality services for customers.

For locksmith companies, more competition motives each and every one to do better than his competitor. Those who take up the challenge will eventually earn more by expanding their client base, which happens naturally, through good customer service and word of mouth passed down by satisfied customers. In this time and age, low locksmith rates don’t necessarily mean a low quality service.

Our Service Costs Compared to Other Companies

Our locksmith price list stands out from other companies for the reason that we are a nationwide enterprise and we are available in all metropolitan areas in the United States. Smaller companies provide local services, usually within a short distance from where they are based, but we have to compete with both local companies and match their rates, plus with other outside locksmith service providers.

As a result of all this, our rates are not only low-priced, but competitive enough to keep us in business, no matter where you are located. So, the next time someone asks “how much does a locksmith cost?” feel free to endorse our low rates so everyone can benefit. Moreover, all our technicians are licensed and professional locksmiths!

Why Our Locksmith Services Cost Less?

In addition to competition, there is another factor that impact our locksmith service rates, which the customers eventually can benefit from. This is the size of our company, the large number of services that we provide and the large quantities of replacement locks and other parts that we purchase from our suppliers. It helps us to get all the materials for lower prices and keep our rates low, accordingly.

If you need a locksmith service near you, take advantage of what we have to offer and call us today!